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The coaching staff at Central Dauphin High School is looking forward to the 15th Annual Youth Football Camp in 2021, especially after missing this annual tradition in 2020!  In 2019, we had nearly 100 campers and it was a huge success.  We look forward to building on that success for an even better camp this year.  One reason we commit so much time and energy to this camp is because it provides a great opportunity for the current Rams football program to connect with the young players in this area.  Whenever these two groups have the chance to work together, it’s not only beneficial but lots of fun, too.

We are particularly proud of the fact that many of our Youth Campers have gone on to enjoy a great high school experience at Central Dauphin.  In fact, 139 camp participants went on to become letter-winners in high school while 102 of them made the starting lineup for the Rams.  In addition, 53 campers earned all-conference honors at Central Dauphin with 12 of them making the All-State team.  We are also very proud to have had 6 youth camp participants later selected for the Big 33 game. Last but not least, 52 of them went on to play college football.  

Finally, because safety is our number one priority, our camp staff takes great pride in being mindful of our campers’ safety at all times.  We will also have a Certified Athletic Trainer present during the camp again this year.  In 2021, we will start each day with a symptom screening, and require masks to be worn at all times as well.  It’s also vital that all campers bring their own drink to avoid drink-sharing.  We really want this year to be yet another fun and safe camp even amidst the pandemic. 

We invite you to learn more about our youth camp by checking out the information on our website or by contacting me at .  If you will be entering second grade through ninth grade and you are interested in playing football in the fall, this camp can be a great springboard into the 2021 season.  We sure hope to see you this summer at camp!




The Central Dauphin Rams Youth Football Camp offers a great opportunity for young players to learn specific skills, techniques and fundamentals in a safe, fun, and age appropriate environment.  Whether you are an experienced football player or someone who is thinking of playing football for the first time this year, the Youth Camp is a great place to be this summer.  

The camp is staffed by members of the coaching staff of Central Dauphin.  They are knowledgeable, personable and combine for well over 100 years of high school and college coaching experience.  Many of them are also professional educators who understand that coaching is, first and foremost, about teaching.  They are also assisted by a solid group of Central Dauphin varsity football players, many of whom were part of the 2019 District III championship/6A state runner-up squad.  These young men do a great job every year of assisting the coaches in a variety of ways.  Their interactions with the young players always make the campers’ experience more special.

Our instructor to camper ratio is another positive aspect of the Youth Camp.  In 2019 we had one instructor for every four campers.  This allows us to give the proper attention and instruction to each camper.  Participants will not get “lost in the crowd”.  It also enables us to break the camp into groups based on age.  By doing this, we are able to gear the instruction and schedule in a way that best suits the campers.  Each group has its own field area and set of instructors to maximize efficiency.  For those who will be joining our freshmen program in the fall, it is a great opportunity to work with the coaches and learn everything from terminology to the core philosophies of our program.  It can serve as a great head start for the 2021 freshman season. 

We also like to recognize campers who perform well, work hard, and exhibit leadership at the camp.  At the end of each day and on the final day, we will present awards to several participants for their efforts and for their positive contributions to the camp.  As is the case in the Rams Football Program, we make the experience about more than just football.  It is important to address not only fundamentals but also the qualities and attributes that are necessary in attaining success in football and in life.



The experience, knowledge, and coaching ability of the camp staff are key ingredients in the success of the Central Dauphin Youth Football Camp.  The coaches on the camp staff are comprised of the Central Dauphin Football coaching staff from all levels.  They are a very experienced group of coaches, combining for over 100 years of coaching experience at Central Dauphin alone!  Some of the camp staff includes:  Head Coach Glen McNamee will be entering his 20th season at Central Dauphin while Assistant Head Coach/Defensive Coordinator, Sean Rosler, will start his 23nd season in the fall.  Our Offensive Line coach, Mike Dougherty, is entering his 17th season with us.  To round out the camp staff, Marshall Fisher (QB/WR coach) and Tim McMinn (Freshmen Head Coach) have a combined 40 + years of coaching experience in the district.  All of the aforementioned coaches are currently full time teachers in the school district.  Their classroom experience helps them to connect with players of all ages in a more meaningful way.  In addition to members of the high school staff, there will be a few key members of the CD Youth coaching staff as well, including midget head coach, Mike Betz.    

Assisting them is a great group of varsity football players from the Central Dauphin football team.  Many of them were members on the 2019 District III Championship team.  They contribute in a variety of ways to help enhance the experience of the campers.  These young men help in instructing the campers in fundamentals and techniques as well as facilitate drills and games such as “Ultimate Football”.  The connections that the campers make with them throughout the week are as important as the ones made with the coaches.  

Because our instructor-to-camper ratio is so favorable, we are able to divide the camp into age groups and provide position-specific instruction for each position on each field.  This enables us to give more individualized attention to each camper and help them to improve in the areas they are most interested.  For the youngest players, we like to allow them the opportunity to learn important skills at each position.  

Lastly, because safety is our number one priority, our camp staff takes great pride in being mindful of our campers’ safety at all times.  As part of our camp staff we will also have a Certified Athletic Trainer present during the camp again this year.  



“The camp was a great experience.  I learned skills and techniques of the offensive and defensive line, but more importantly the importance of team building that is necessary to win championships.  The youth camp is also a great way to expose yourself to the best varsity coaching staff in the area.”


Artie Rowell, starting offensive and defensive lineman at CD and former Youth Camp participant – recently completed his playing career for the University of Pittsburgh Football Team where he was a team captain.


" The Central Dauphin Youth Football camp teaches and reinforces the basic fundamentals of football that many have forgotten or stopped teaching over the years. This camp is beneficial and rewarding to all youth football players at any and all skill levels"


Mike Betz, former President of the Central Dauphin Football Association and current midget head coach

“The Central Dauphin football camp is a great way to introduce young players and their parents to the sport.  It also provides experienced players with coaching instruction to develop talents for every position on the field. This camp should be part of every player’s annual journey to become a Ram!”


               Chip Schaffer, parent of a former youth camp participant and member of the CD State Championship team.


“Our son attended the CD Youth Football Camp for 8 years and enjoyed it immeasurably!  The Camp teaches the fundamentals of the game in a way that is both digestible and fun.  The experience is greatly enhanced by augmenting the coaching staff with current & former CD football members.  The kids are both exhausted and happy at the end of each day – what more could a parent ask for?!  I highly recommend it to all!”


Bobbie VanBuskirk, parent of a former Youth Camp participant who played at the University of Pittsburgh